The Red Coin crew are a group of Nintendo enthusiasts from Perth, Western Australia. They met through work and mutual friends and thanks to a common love of Nintendo and gaming in general, began discussing the gaming industry, specifically Nintendo.

They noted there was not much of a presence in the way of Australian game reviewing and discussion, and wanted to change that. The Red Coin group got together to record a more formal Podcast, and began routinely getting together to discuss and record under the moniker, The Games! Podcast.

Now working under the name of Red Coin, they have branched out into other mediums of game review and discussion, expanding their team and now covering all forms of gaming!

Meet the team!

Cameron Van der Does
Editor, Writer, Producer, Podcast Member
Chris Massara
Creative Designer, Editor, Producer, Podcast Member
Aaron Apollos
Editor, Podcast Member
Adam Rida
Editor, Podcast Member
Ben Nunn
Reviewer, Writer