Red Coin Top 8: The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda is a series rich with history, fantastic level design and epic moments, adored by millions of fans across the world. From its humble beginnings on the NES, to the evolution into the 3rd dimension and beyond, the Zelda franchise has managed to evolve with the times, yet still remain the same at its core. This is what has kept this series so close to my heart, ever since my fledgling days in 1998.

This article reflects my top 8 all time favourite Legend of Zelda games. I must stress, however, that I came into this spectacular series in 1998 and did not experience the famous NES and SNES entries until much later on.

And with that out of the way, let’s go.

For the sake of this article, original games and remakes have been treated as one.

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Guitar Zero

Guitar Zero

By Cameron Van der Does

I woke up this morning at about 8 o’clock eager to go and get the new Guitar Hero. Unfortunately the stores don’t ghopen till 9. So I had a shower, played some Pokémon Shuffle, edited the new Red Coin Cherry Popping video and did some price research. I found that Kmart are doing it for $109 so I was ready to price match at EB Games. I drive around the corner because luckily I live right near Garden City shopping centre, I park close to the entrance and head inside. The roller door is still down as its only 8:58 but I am excited and happy to wait the 2 minutes. The doors open, I walk in. “I’m here to pick up my Guitar Hero!” [Read more…]

The Short but Important History of the Wii U

The Short but Important History of the Wii U

By Cameron Van der Does

With news of the impending NX the Nintendo Wii U seems all but done for. Released at the end of 2012, the console hasn’t even been out for 3 complete years and already Nintendo have announced their working on its successor, the secretly codenamed, NX. Now it is true we have no dates set yet, but even if it takes them 2 years to complete and release the NX that still means the Wii U existed as a relevant format for only 5 years. [Read more…]

Red Coin Top 8: Aussies in Games

From cool killers, to comic relief, Australia has had some memorable characters in games. Not as many as we probably should though and they tend to be few and far between. It was tough to choose which characters should make the list as most Aussies tend not to play a big part in their games, but we had a think, did some research and found the top 8 Aussies in games.

#8 The Guru

First seen in Sly Cooper 3: Honour Among Thieves, 2010.

An anthropomorphic Koala resembling a traditional Aboriginal Elder, living in a hut near Yuendumu, Australia, The Guru served as Murray the Hippopotamus’ strict but caring spiritual teacher. After being rescued from a group of evil miners, he joined the group, using his psychic abilities to help the gang. The Guru has no real fighting ability but is able to hypnotise his enemies to do his bidding for him. He also has demonstrated telekinesis, lifting objects and enemies with his mind as well as telepathy to read people’s minds. He is understood to also know numerous techniques which he teaches to his students, however it is unknown if he can use these himself. We may not be able to understand what he says, but he’s a wise old koala tasked with guarding the Mask of Dark Earth, so a fitting start to the list.
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Far Out, it’s Fallout.

Emerge from your vaults, it’s time to prepare.

By Ben Nunn 

Dogs: Confirmed

[Insert holy music here] Fallout is back. Hear that sound? It’s the clackitty clack of the hype train barreling down the rickety tracks of skeptical consumerism. But it’s not slowing down, if you’re a Fallout fan, it’s time to jump on board, or sit back down in your corner rocking chair in the dark and cold with your two cats, Doubt and Sir Reginald What’s the Point It’s only Going to Be Another 8th Gen Franchise Killing Failure, (He’s bitter about his name too). [Read more…]

How I Learned to Stop Censoring and Love the R18 Rating

A Brief History of Australian Game Censorship

By Cameron Van der Does

Sorry, this image cannot be viewed due to violent content.

For some reason, Australia has been stuck with a ridiculously strict rating system for a long time and we only got the R18 rating in 2013! For a full list of banned and censored games, search in Google and you’ll find a nice long wiki list, a list too long for me to go into every instance of stupidity, so I will stick to a few key situations. [Read more…]

Zelda U Speculation Spectacular!

A Gap in the Timeline

By Jake Galiano

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD, 2013.

Take a look at the official Zelda timeline. Should the Hero be successful following the events of Ocarina of Time, the timeline braches off into the Child Era and the Adult Era, the latter of which contains the events of the Wind Waker saga. After Phantom Hourglass, we see a significant time gap, followed by the dawning of a new era – the Era of Hyrule’s Rebirth – in which a ‘New Continent is discovered.’ Nintendo may as well have written ‘Insert New Zelda Game Here’! Again, look which branch of the timeline we are on, and it almost seems obvious that this ‘new continent’ is simply the old Hyrule – after the Great Sea has disappeared. Hyrule’s Rebirth could be the world of Zelda U.

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A Masterclass in Remastering

Why Nintendo should do more re-makes.

By Cameron Van der Does

DK 64, 1999, 2015.

Most of us have very fond memories of a game, or a set of games, from our childhood. Whether you grew up on Zelda, Mario or even Conker, we all have that one title we’d love to see on a new console. Nintendo have had a decent history of porting across some of our favourites, bringing us NES and SNES games to the then new Gameboy Advance and N64 games to the DS. More recently we have been given a link to our pasts in the form of the Virtual Console on the Wii and now the Wii U. Hits such as Super Mario 64 and Donkey Kong 64 are now finally accessible through the Wii U’s Virtual Console, but is that really the best we could get?

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