Red Coin: The Nintendo Podcast – The All New Red Coin

The new and improved Red Coin start off with a new episodic format! A more compact show means more laughs and more thrills but with that classic Red Coin taste. They guys talk about Pokemon GO updates, Mario Run, Pokemon Generations, Shovel Knight, NX rumours and some new Pokemon Sun and Moon info. All that and they play a competitive round of “Who’s that Pokemon?”.

Red Coin: The Nintendo Podcast – The 1st Annual Red Coin Games of the Year Awards

The first episode for 2016! The boys start off the new year by looking back at 2015. Best Game, Most Annoying Trend and Most Anticipated Game of the Year are but a few of the categories the guys put their votes in for. Hear Aaron, Adam, Cameron and Chris argue, debate and convince each other (live) what should take the top spot in each category. Goodbye 2015 and hello a brand new year of Red Coin: The Nintendo Podcast!

Red Coin: The Nintendo Podcast – Yo-Kai, The Game Awards and a little NX to get you through the day

The boys are back…kinda. Chris tags in for Cam to join Aaron and Adam in discussing the recent game releases and events. Chris gives us his impressions on Yo-Kai watch and how it differs from the other popular creature collecting game. Aaron confesses his undying love for Destiny (again!) and Adam makes a bold commitment live on the show!

Red Coin: The Nintendo Podcast – Post PAX

In another special split episode, Aaron and Adam report from their comfy hotel room in Melbourne. They let us know a bit about what they got up to and some of their favourite games on display. In the second half the boys are back in town and all together again to discuss their Nintendo Direct predictions. How will they go?


Red Coin: The Nintendo Podcast – Slow News Day

Aaron’s back from his Mexican getaway and he’s eager to get his two pesos in. The guys catch up on Aaron’s Mario Maker experiences, talk a bit about Pokemon Shuffle and more hype for Pokemon GO. Lego Dimensions gets a look at and Aaron and Adam announce their PAXAus takeover. But most importantly, stickers! Red Coin stickers are now available and they are great. Contact the Facebook page for more info.

Red Coin: The Nintendo Podcast – Technical Difficulties in the USA

In this very special international episode, Aaron and Cameron chat with the guys from the Explosive XP Podcast. They discuss the differences in gaming between our countries, the evolution of Mario Kart, some Smash Bros. and some hype for Mario Maker. (This episode was recorded on the 6th of September prior to Super Mario Maker’s release).

For the American feed and post episode chat, check out

For more stuff from these dudes check out their site

Red Coin: The Nintendo Podcast – Meet Your Maker

In this episode, Aaron has abandoned us to pursue a life of crime in Mexico. The rest of the guys discuss the long awaited Super Mario Maker, Pokemon GO and the new President of Nintendo, Tatsumi Kimishima. If you have a Mario level you have designed, send it in and the crew will play and discus it sometime soon.

The Short but Important History of the Wii U

The Short but Important History of the Wii U

By Cameron Van der Does

With news of the impending NX the Nintendo Wii U seems all but done for. Released at the end of 2012, the console hasn’t even been out for 3 complete years and already Nintendo have announced their working on its successor, the secretly codenamed, NX. Now it is true we have no dates set yet, but even if it takes them 2 years to complete and release the NX that still means the Wii U existed as a relevant format for only 5 years. [Read more…]

Red Coin: The Nintendo Podcast – Woolly World Weather

For the very first time… Red Coin on film! (Due to unforeseen circumstances, our amazing footage was lost. Have no fear though, we have a new camera now and will do even better next time!) Well, assuming you are watching this on Youtube, otherwise you’re still hearing the soothing sounds of our voices like normal. In this milestone episode, the boys take a look at Splatfest, Woolly World, the kids of today and current Nintendo news.

Zelda U Speculation Spectacular!

A Gap in the Timeline

By Jake Galiano

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD, 2013.

Take a look at the official Zelda timeline. Should the Hero be successful following the events of Ocarina of Time, the timeline braches off into the Child Era and the Adult Era, the latter of which contains the events of the Wind Waker saga. After Phantom Hourglass, we see a significant time gap, followed by the dawning of a new era – the Era of Hyrule’s Rebirth – in which a ‘New Continent is discovered.’ Nintendo may as well have written ‘Insert New Zelda Game Here’! Again, look which branch of the timeline we are on, and it almost seems obvious that this ‘new continent’ is simply the old Hyrule – after the Great Sea has disappeared. Hyrule’s Rebirth could be the world of Zelda U.

[Read more…]

A Masterclass in Remastering

Why Nintendo should do more re-makes.

By Cameron Van der Does

DK 64, 1999, 2015.

Most of us have very fond memories of a game, or a set of games, from our childhood. Whether you grew up on Zelda, Mario or even Conker, we all have that one title we’d love to see on a new console. Nintendo have had a decent history of porting across some of our favourites, bringing us NES and SNES games to the then new Gameboy Advance and N64 games to the DS. More recently we have been given a link to our pasts in the form of the Virtual Console on the Wii and now the Wii U. Hits such as Super Mario 64 and Donkey Kong 64 are now finally accessible through the Wii U’s Virtual Console, but is that really the best we could get?

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