Far Out, it’s Fallout.

Emerge from your vaults, it’s time to prepare.

By Ben Nunn 

Dogs: Confirmed

[Insert holy music here] Fallout is back. Hear that sound? It’s the clackitty clack of the hype train barreling down the rickety tracks of skeptical consumerism. But it’s not slowing down, if you’re a Fallout fan, it’s time to jump on board, or sit back down in your corner rocking chair in the dark and cold with your two cats, Doubt and Sir Reginald What’s the Point It’s only Going to Be Another 8th Gen Franchise Killing Failure, (He’s bitter about his name too). [Read more…]

Review: NOT A HERO

Review Your Wallet, and Buy It.

By Ben Nunn

Maybe BunnyLord should run for King of Australia.

I usually get a little cautious about Indie games, even though the waters have been warm for a long time now, I still hesitate to dip the tea bag and take the leap of faith. But it’s indie games like these that make me confident to keep trying them, and try I did. NOT A HERO probably found its legs faster thanks to well-known publisher, Devolver Digital, not to mention that Roll7, the developer, also has the highly regarded side-scrolling action skater title ‘OlliOlli’ under their belt. But what actually caught my attention was the trailer. Roll7 presented the game with humour, and a don’t-give-a-damn attitude, right off the bat, and I like that. So I opened my Velcro-flap wallet, ruffled through the pile of suffocated moths and gathered my year’s savings, to give this game a shot.

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