Buddy Review: Shovel Knight

A Tale of Shovelry… Or was it Chivalry?

By Ben Nunn, and Chris Massara

shovel_featureWell, I suppose I could assume that if you haven’t got Shovel Knight by now, then you don’t want it.  But do you know that you don’t want it? Are you sure? I didn’t want it, at first, in fact, if I wasn’t so loose with my money, I may not have played it to this day.  I really only bought it because of all the hype. I sat down, and I played it, for about 20 minutes, and I stopped, never looking back. Until only just last week, I decided to play it while in between parts of my day, and I ended up playing for 3 hours straight. I fell in love.  My point is, how many games do we miss out on just because we cant be bothered finding out if they are good?  So here I shall share my thoughts, a long with my friend Chris, who has adopted this game from the start.

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