Red Coin Top 8: Aussies in Games

From cool killers, to comic relief, Australia has had some memorable characters in games. Not as many as we probably should though and they tend to be few and far between. It was tough to choose which characters should make the list as most Aussies tend not to play a big part in their games, but we had a think, did some research and found the top 8 Aussies in games.

#8 The Guru

First seen in Sly Cooper 3: Honour Among Thieves, 2010.

An anthropomorphic Koala resembling a traditional Aboriginal Elder, living in a hut near Yuendumu, Australia, The Guru served as Murray the Hippopotamus’ strict but caring spiritual teacher. After being rescued from a group of evil miners, he joined the group, using his psychic abilities to help the gang. The Guru has no real fighting ability but is able to hypnotise his enemies to do his bidding for him. He also has demonstrated telekinesis, lifting objects and enemies with his mind as well as telepathy to read people’s minds. He is understood to also know numerous techniques which he teaches to his students, however it is unknown if he can use these himself. We may not be able to understand what he says, but he’s a wise old koala tasked with guarding the Mask of Dark Earth, so a fitting start to the list.

#7 Roger and Roger Jr

First seen in Tekken 2, 1995.
roger jr
First seen in Tekken 5, 2004.

Roger is a bio-engineered kangaroo made by Dr. Bosconovitch, wearing red boxing gloves. A heavy puncher, Roger was more of a joke character and hasn’t been playable since 1999 in Tekken tag Tournament. His most important role, however, is being the father or Roger Jr. who is essentially a reprise of the character. Roger Jr. is a kangaroo joey, living in his mother’s pouch. He dons a pair of blue boxing gloves, while his so far unnamed mother wears a pair of red gloves. Though Roger Jr. is one of the strongest animal fighters, he is not a popular choice as he is easily outclassed by other characters. Taking most of his moves from his father, Roger Jr. employs a flurry of fists while his mother uses her tail and head for more wrestling based moves. He spends most of his time being beaten to a pulp, the running gag and probably only reason for his inclusion in the game, but he’s a freaking joey with boxing gloves. ADORABLE!

#6 Ty the Tasmanian Tiger

First seen in Ty the Tasmanian Tiger, 2002.

Ty is the last of the Thylacines (Tasmanian Tigers), an orphan who was raised by a group bilbies until he finds The Bunyips who tell him that his parents have been imprisoned in the Dream Time. He scores himself a hot dingo girlfriend, and a group of outback buddies who help defeat the evil Boss Cass and free his parents. He uses a huge array of boomerangs with different abilities along the way, spouting typical Aussie one liners like “Struth!” and something we all totally actually say, “Grouse!” His species may sadly be extinct in real life, but he managed to score himself 3 titles on a bunch of consoles. It would be great to see this guy back in action, but the mediocre sales the series has seen doesn’t bode well for him.

#5 Kano

First seen in Mortal Kombat, 1992.

An original character all the way back from the arcade game, Kano is one bad dude. His face is partly covered in metal and in the newer games his face plate is accompanied by some cybernetic enhancements. He has a sweet laser eye, which he uses as a special move, but he mostly relies on his favourite weapons, the butterfly knives, rather than special powers the other fighters may depend on. Perhaps best known for his fatality, Kano reaches into his enemy’s chest, rips out their heart and holds it triumphantly, still beating, in the air. Kano is the leader of the international crime cartel known as the Black Dragon Clan and the archenemy of Sonya Blade. What’s he doing on this list? Well, he was originally from Australia before he moved to the Outworld to become a general under Shao Kahn.

#4 Sniper

First seen in Team Fortress 2, 2007.

OK, so this guy is technically from New Zealand, but he grew up in Australia and we tend to just claim all the cool people anyway so just roll with it. The Sniper’s power lay in his weapon, usually a rifle but sometimes a bow, for he has the ability to instantly kill an enemy with a headshot. Mr. Mundy (his actual name) prefers to fight from a tactical distance but can use his submachine gun or knife if caught in close quarters combat. Your typical gruff outback type, he often dons a slouch hat, hunting jacket, glasses and a glove on his left hand. Not all about the killing and the stabbing, Sniper has been known to play the Tenor Saxophone.

#3 Knuckles

First seen in Sonic the Hedgehog 3, 1994.

Strictly speaking, he’s not an Australian citizen but his ancestors are, so he counts. A Red Echidna, wearing gloves with 2 spiked knuckles on each hand, Knuckles is one of the oldest friends and longest running rivals of Sonic. Anthropomorphic like most animal characters on this list, Knuckles main strength is, well, his super strength and as is standard in the Sonic Universe, super speed. He is known to burrow and wall climb in games as well as use his dreadlocks, yes they’re dreadlocks, to catch the wind and glide through the air. Knuckles leads a pretty busy life, being a former leader of Team Chaotix alongside Mighty the Armadillo, his main gig is being the guardian of the Master Emerald, a job he devotes most of his time to. Of course, Knuckles is always ready to help Sonic and his friends when they are in trouble.  Headstrong and serious, though also gullible and short tempered, Knuckles is a loner by nature. In recent games Knuckles has been turned into more of the “dumb jock” stereotype, but we’ll ignore those games for the sake of this list. Old Knuckles is cool.

#2 Ripper Roo and Dingodile

Ripper Roo first seen in Crash Bandicoot, 1996. Dingodile first seen in Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped, 1998.

Ripper Roo is the insane third kangaroo on our list. Experimented on by Dr. Cortex and his Evolvo Ray, this dog faced failed experiment took up a penchant for explosives, employing the aid of TNT and Nitro squares in his fights. Generally known as the first boss of the games, he later goes through some intense treatment and goes to college to become Dr. Roo, donning a bowtie, top hat and a rather sporting moustache, not to mention a calmer demeanour, just don’t let any explosions go off nearding him. Dingodile is as his name may suggest, half dingo, half crocodile. Usually accompanied by his trusty flamethrower and gas pack, this Aussie accented madman has made regular appearances in the series. Another flunky of Cortex, it is unknown if he was created by Cortex or Dr. Nitrus Brio, but due to his tendency to betray Cortex, it is widely assumed his true creator is Brio. These guys certainly made for some memorable encounters, and are doing us proud as standing out as some of the more well-known Aussie characters, in one of the most popular game franchises.

#1 Crash Bandicoot 

First seen in Crash Bandicoot, 1996.

Of course Crash had to be number 1! He’s so good even the guys he fights get a mention. Crash is a genetically enhanced Eastern Barred Bandicoot, sporting some sweet blue jeans and red kicks, he was intended to be Sony’s answer to Mario and Sonic. He’s been through some redesigns, taking on a younger, hipper look, with silly tribal hand tattoos, but it’s the original one we love the most. He’s starred in a variety of games, from his classic platformer, to crash team racing and the reboots like Mind Over Mutant. Crash is best known for one thing, and that’s where he gets his name. Crashing. Spinning violently like a furry tornado, Crash spins his way through countless boxes, smashing and crashing everything in sight, all while collecting delicious fruit. This guy started out as a Sony exclusive with Naughty Dog, crashputting them on the map, but eventually broke out into cross platform games. But, it’s the original PlayStation games we remember him for, writing down the level codes, grinding levels over and over to get every crystal, collecting 3 Aku Aku masks and becoming invincible!.. Until you fall down a hole. Running away from those damn Indiana Jones boulders, avoiding TNT and Nitro and finally being joined by your brother Crunch and your sister CoCo to fight all these evil doctors. So it’s this quiet Australian marsupial to take the top spot, and really who else could it be? Thanks for the memories Crash!



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